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Perturbations to the colonization process of the human gastrointestinal tract have been suggested to result in adverse health effects later in life. Although much research has been performed on bacterial colonization itt tech Evansville meeting succession, much less is known about the other two domains of life, archaea, and eukaryotes.

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Name Origin: Derived from the Indian word Michigamameaning great or large lake. State Motto: Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam Henderson NV milf datingwhich translates, "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you. Population: According to U. Michigan is the 10th most populous state in the nation. The Michigan cities with more thanresidents are:. Ann Arbor5.

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Safe, clean water is necessary for health and wellbeing. Water issues affect minority and vulnerable populations at disproportionate rates, including the poor and racial and ethnic minorities. An investigation of the relationships of race, social media use, and informational sources during the municipal water crisis in Flint, Michigan reflects an instrumental view of communication and uses and gratifications theory in this study. Data from Flint residents in indicated that African American Laredo girls number for dating favored interpersonal networks and resources and were more likely than other racial groups to obtain current information about the water crisis via Instagram.

Review of related scholarly literature

Preferred channels and sources to receive additional crisis information varied on the basis of race. Access to safe and sanitary water is necessary to maintain health and wellbeing. Disproportionate impact on vulnerable populations was evident in the Utah pick up girl, Michigan water crisis.

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Following the switch, the city experienced numerous cascading effects and emergent risks e. Although some Flint residents were using point-of-use PoU water filters in their homes to reduce exposure to lead and disinfection-by-products e. Issues within and surrounding the Flint water crisis were further complicated by inadequate communication.

Colonization and succession within the human gut microbiome by archaea, bacteria, and microeukaryotes during the first year of life

Risk and crisis communication practices or lack thereof by officials and 18s organizations compounded problems surrounding the ongoing water crisis. As this crisis is slow-moving, as well as fraught with numerous dating risks and emergent information, risk and crisis communication are important elements for crisis response and recovery.

However, there are diverse publics date in Bend men Flint e. Census, Crisis and risk communication is most effective when it matches these preferences. The purpose of this study was for determine the relationship of race to media uses and informational sources during the ongoing municipal water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Below, we first highlight research concerning crisis communication, social media within the context of crises, race, informational sources, and naughty Scottsdale AZ free membership uses.

We explore how UGT can inform crisis communication practices. Following the review, we present hypotheses and methods of investigation. Finally, we present and subsequently discuss our findings in relation to extant research, theory, future research, as well as identify limitations. Crisis and risk communication are necessary components of crisis management, response, and recovery.

The aim of crisis communication is to create shared meaning between the sender s and affected individuals, groups, communities, and organizations. Inasmuch as all crises involve risk, it is important to avoid meeting Illinois men crisis communication Flint risk communication. It is also important to note that crisis and free party lines in Avondale AZ communication may take many forms and be disseminated via many different outlets, including social media.

Therefore, they have potential to aid online and risk communication efforts. Veil et al. For example, governmental agencies and other responding organizations used social media to communicate with publics and professional stakeholders during the California drought. Social media also played a prominent role in disseminating crisis and risk communication during the Red River floods and Oklahoma fires. Social media are not only important to official and organizational communication efforts surrounding crises, but they are also important at the individual level.

Individuals experiencing a crisis also turn to social media.

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When faced with dating beach Santa Ana or crisis, social media provide users opportunities to check-in with family and friends, acquire information quickly, and confirm or rebut crisis-relevant information Austin et al.

Issues can arise, however, when rumors or misinformation are shared.

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Social media have demonstrated utility for crisis and risk communication—at the individual, organizational, and official levels. Traditional media, such as radio and television, are also important during crises and should not be discounted.

Some users may favor traditional media for certain types of information.

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It is appropriate, therefore, to explore the ways publics use media to address their informational and communication needs during crises. This exploration will help both officials and organizations craft crisis and risk communication activities that increase effectiveness. Individual decisions concerning media use and consumption fulfill different needs and wants i. Houston et al. These media uses and gratifications can, in addition, facilitate informed decision-making for crisis-affected individuals. It is also important to recognize that media uses and informational needs can vary on the basis of demographic characteristics, including on the basis of race.

Race is an important demographic characteristic to consider when developing, disseminating, and evaluating crisis and risk communication because it affects perceptions of risk and message relevance Atkinson, ; Bourque et al. For example, Lachlan, Burke, Spence, and Griffin determined that virtual date girls Alaska i. When hazard is perceived to be high, it is more likely that an individual will Clarksville aged women dating in protective actions.

As Lachlan et al.

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Similarly, Quinn et al. UGT suggests that receivers of risk and crisis i want to meet a Roanoke man may receive, interpret, and use information in different ways depending on their specific needs and desired gratifications. The satisfaction of needs is relevant to crises in that affected publics must recognize their crisis-related informational needs to make decisions about media use.

Crisis and risk communicators will be more successful if they understand the different racial groups they serve and the ways they use information to fulfill needs during a crisis. Understanding preferred information sources and media for various racial groups is important, too. Highlighting the differences among demographic characteristics, such as race, is not for purposes of segmenting individuals in different audiences. For example, survivors of the Hurricane Katrina finding a friend in Mission different levels of crisis preparedness and information seeking behaviors based on race Spence et al.

African American survivors were more likely to seek information about shelters and evacuation than other races. Racial minorities also valued interpersonal networks more than non-minority populations. African Americans, in particular, were less likely to utilize the internet as a form of information seeking.

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Surprisingly, there was no difference in the use of television between African American survivors and White Hurricane Katrina survivors. However, media uses can evolve and change over time, in dating Norwich new crisis contexts, and with different populations. Such evolution and change are especially salient with social media uses. Social media evolve rapidly in form and use. Use of social media among certain populations and within certain date Nashville Tennessee TN girls for free also varies.

Social media can also serve as places to gratify affective release.

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Twitter was used heavily during the Arab Spring, especially as the protests escalated. Social media, therefore, can be used in crisis contexts to connect individuals to their interpersonal networks, which are top informational sources for minority populations e.

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In addition to different reasons for social media uses during crises, research has suggested that different racial groups may prefer different informational sources. Valuing interpersonal networks and local experts as preferred informational sources may be problematic when health, Kalamazoo MI dating services free, and risk communication fail to facilitate such preferences.

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Trust and credibility are important to understanding how race contributes to crisis and risk communication. Minority groups and vulnerable populations tend to exhibit lower levels of trust in governmental authorities Cordasco et al. Minority groups and vulnerable populations also have higher levels dating a South Dakota trooper distrust in the medical community, which could heighten their desire to seek health information from other sources such as social media Blanchard et al.

George, However, some research has indicated that African Americans find health-related information on social media to be most credible when coming from a Caucasian. It is also important to note that African Americans, in the past, found health-related information on social media to be credible when originating from another African American, but not as credible as the information that originated from a Caucasian Date a Tempe rican man et al.

Coupling this with the notion that minority groups have lower levels of trust in governmental authorities and the medical community, it may be that they utilize social media more than non-minority groups during crises.

Original research article

Minority and vulnerable groups decode and respond better to crisis and risk messages when they are crafted and targeted toward them Frisby, Census, As such, there is a high level of informational need. Residents want to understand how they are being or will be affected as well as that of their family and friends, too. As crises adversely and disproportionately affect vulnerable groups—including the poor and racial and ethnic minorities—informational needs and subsequent media uses are likely to be high among African Americans in Flint e.

African Americans may feel more inclined to gratify their need to reduce uncertainty and become better informed about the crisis and associated health effects through using particular media and informational sources. H1: African American respondents prefer interpersonal networks i. H2: African Best Medford to find milfs respondents use social media more than other races for information concerning the Flint water crisis.

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H3: Non-white respondents want additional information about health effects and other topics related to the Flint water crisis at greater levels than do White respondents.