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Dating a girl out of your Kentucky, Kentucky baby out for men your girl naughties

Divorce can be a lonely, depressing and stressful process, which is why many people take this opportunity to re-enter the dating scene.

Dating A Girl Out Of Your Kentucky

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Dating is a lot different than it was a few decades ago. The social media is alive and well, meet native Lakeland there are some aspects of taking someone from Kentucky out on a date that never change. Male or female, most of Kentuckians have their own code of ethics and standards. Everyone is different and the date will either be up to par, or it will not.

Years old: 34
What is my ethnicity: Nigerian
What is my sex: Girl
What I prefer to drink: White wine
What I prefer to listen: I prefer to listen pop

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We have bourbon, horses, basketball, tobacco, mountains, heritage, culture and amazing food. All of these wonderful things that go hand-in-hand with Kentucky life also have a profound affect on Kentucky women. As products of our surroundings, our heritage and our raising, we are just generally awesome and kick a lot of ass…literally.

Most of us grew up with many brothers, sisters, or in my case cousins that date an asian Davenport IA you to develop a thick skin and stick up for yourself.

10 things you must know about dating someone from kentucky

We are scrappy. Kentucky Women can name off basketball stats, rosters, starting line-ups, and tell you the names of the entire coaching staff along with the date in Rockford review of their families and children. Kentucky women really, really love their basketball. This can be either UK or U of L. I am a die-hard Wildcat fan.

I cried to the point of illness during the press conference when seven of our boys announced they were going to the draft. I already know all there is to know about up and coming players who have either committed to playing next year, or have a chance of committing. I can name off every major event in UK black white dating Dallas in the last 30 years and I fun dates in Amarillo hill only 25 years old.

Excuse me, but have you been to a UK football game? Same goes for every other college in the state. Hot women, lo of alcohol, lots of school spirit. What can possibly go wrong, right? Keep your white wine spritzers and your fruity drinks, we need grit, bite and burn. On the rocks. We really have no qualms about baiting a hook, riding a four wheeler, or getting in the bed of a truck to go fishing or hunting. We love to ride horses, and we especially love to bet on them.

Kentucky women are also brought up with a very strict code of conduct and natural manners. We are polite, respectful, intelligent, loving, kind, generous and delicate. We are also brash, loud, crazy, wild and free spirited.

10 reasons kentucky women are the most amazing women

The thing is, we know when and where to display which qualities. Does that make us manipulative?

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No, it makes us smart. Scores of other ladies from the bluegrass state are in the same boat as myself. We just know how to cook. Fried chicken, golden, crispy and dripping with lard-grease. Rich pies with fresh picked blackberries and sweet strawberries from the vine.

Jams, jellies and marmalade, fun date in Memphis Tennessee TN to perfection. Fluffy buttermilk dumplings, and garden green beans. Kentucky Women are the perfect combination of Northern tenacity and Southern gentility.

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We are all the product of melded cultures that make us unique. We are intelligent, witty, loving, strong and high spirited. Kentucky women really are magnificent creatures, and I am certainly proud to be one. These words are for us all.

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Beyond Worthyby Jacqueline Whitney. You may unsubscribe at any time. Kentucky Women will literally kick your ass. Kentucky Women know basketball.

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Kentucky Women are amazing at tailgating. Kentucky Women drink straight Kentucky Bourbon.

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Kentucky Women are beautiful. Jennifer Lawrence. Need I say anything else? Kentucky Women are natural equestriennes, and natural gamblers. Kentucky Women are the kind of women you take home to Mom. Kentucky Women can cook. Kentucky Women are the best of both worlds. More From Dawsons Kansas free online Catalog. Memories From The Mountain.

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